Karl Sacca

The Maz helps Karl manage his extremely rare diagnosis of Carvajal Syndrome – a genetic condition that compromises the function of his heart.

Kyra Maerz

At two years old, Kyra had her first open heart surgery at the Maz. Having a world-leading heart centre in Edmonton lets Kyra live life to the fullest.

William Rachwalski

Cutting-edge care at the Maz kept William Rachwalski’s heart beating after a routine checkup revealed it was about to give out.

Maggie Sammon

Three heart surgeries by the age of 20 showed Maggie Sammon how far cardiac care has come – and how much further it can go.

Jenna Donovan

Healthy and active, Jenna didn’t know what hit her when she was told she had heart disease. Left with no other option, she went under the knife for open heart surgery.

Bassit Nawaz

Bassit was studying to be a paramedic when he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Without a heart transplant, he wouldn’t be here today.

Thanks to University Hospital Foundation donors, cardiac care in Alberta to receive $498,818 and counting

In a remarkable display of community spirit, donors rallied together to contribute more than $498,818 during our Heart Month campaign, presented by Freson Bros. This year’s month-long fundraiser, culminating on Heart Pledge Day on up! 99.3, presented by Popeye’s Supplements Canada continued to spotlight the need for awareness and funding in the ongoing battle against heart disease.

“During this extraordinary month, our community has spoken from the heart, making a difference in the fight against heart disease,” shared Dr. Jodi Abbott, President and CEO of the University Hospital Foundation. “The support we’ve received echoes a commitment to cardiovascular health that will reverberate far beyond these 29 days.”

You can still donate to cardiac care in Alberta!

Heart Month is presented by Freson Bros.

“Sponsoring Heart Month for the University Hospital Foundation aligns seamlessly with Freson Bros.’ commitment to promoting health and wellness within our communities. The University Hospital Foundation’s focus on cutting-edge research, patient care, and community education resonates with our company, making this partnership a natural fit.

This collaboration not only highlights Freson Bros.’ commitment to making a positive impact in our communities, but also underscores our belief in the importance of supporting initiatives that contribute to the well-being of individuals and families.”

Doug Lovsin, President of Freson Bros.

Heart Month events

Heart Pledge Day presented by
Popeye’s Supplements Canada

on up! 99.3

Since 2010, the University Hospital Foundation has partnered with a local radio station to raise critical funds that support the most advanced equipment, technology, and work environments in the world, right here at home. Over the course of 12 hours, listeners learn about the important, cutting-edge work done at the Maz and hear life-changing stories of patients from Alberta and across Canada.

Maz Move-A-Thon

Held from the beginning to the end of Heart Month, the Maz Move-A-Thon is a fundraising event organized and run by the cardiac staff of the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute that everyone can participate in. Participants can sign up individually or as a team for a virtual move-a-thon. Walk, run, spin, swim, row – move however you feel most comfortable and get fundraising!

Did you know

Some of the sickest of the sick cardiac patients from across northern Alberta, western Canada and the Territories come to the Maz for a level of care they cannot find anywhere else.

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Cardiac stories

It takes heart

2017 was a year of unexpected circumstances. Following a routine appointment, William Rachwalski’s doctor told him that his heart was on the brink of giving out. A lifetime of hard work and multiple surgeries was taking its toll. 

Creating the “Crown Jewel” of simulation labs

Thanks to nearly $8.5 million in community support to the University Hospital Foundation, one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art simulation labs in North America is being designed and equipped at the University of Alberta Hospital.

28th in the world

When Karl Sacca was just 16 years old he was given a a life-altering diagnosis. Now 24, Karl navigates the normal challenges of work while managing his rare medical condition.

The heart of a fighter

Healthy and active, Jenna didn’t know what hit her when she was told she had heart disease. Left with no other option, she went under the knife for open heart surgery.

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